In Amateur Porn, You Need Someone to Shave

May 25th, 2008

Amateur porn has come on in a strong way in the online adult media industry, but one element that had to be dealt with to make this a popular niche for average porn consumers was having to shave women in their private regions before they were presentable for the camera.

This might seem somewhat antithetical, as the notion of women with hairy bushes might be more realistic in terms of the theme of amateur, or reality porn, where the subjects are presumed to be ‘fresh off the street’ rather than aspiring pornstars in their own rights. Still, the consumers that stroke off nightly to what they find on the Internet have spoken with their mousse and keyboards, and sites that shave women before appearing in their videos have been much more successful in attracting and maintaining customers.

So how do you ensure that the amateurs you select for your porn flick are well groomed and presentable? A good porn studio would have a pubic hair specialist on hand to take care of any unsightly pubic messes that might unfold in the course of breaking in a newcomer to the porn business. I think this would be a pretty cool job, actually, and can see myself getting to inspect these girls off-screen to ensure their pubes were neatly in order, and making them spread and let me go to work on their privates with a handy pubic hair trimmer such as the Body Bare. I’d be gentle and sensitive, first trimming down the stubble with a pair of beard trimmers, followed by a generous application of baby powder, and then going over the remaining stubble with a specialty shaving device like the Body Bare. Maybe I could position myself as the ‘go-to’ guy in the industry for delivering a fast, efficient, and most importantly; sexy, bush shaving artist in the industry: no one could match my ability to shave women on the spot. Ahh, but alas, I doubt my ambitions will ever manifest themselves, and pornstars will probably just continue to take care of this mundane task on their own.

A Word of Caution Against Pussy Waxing

May 25th, 2008

Anyone who’s considering a pubic hair removal treatment should read this warning before signing up for a pussy waxing down at your local spa center. There are some real potentially painful and even harmful effects that can result from an improper waxing, and there are plenty of alternative that will yield the same result without the risk.

The first risk is simply the process of pouring a hot liquid onto your body in the first place. Pussy waxing is essentially done by applying hot wax that forms a loose bond with your hair and skin, trapping the hair as it cools to allow the follicles to be ripped from your skin. Having wax that is too hot can cause painful burns that are unsightly as well as quite uncomfortable.

The next risk is that when the specialist begins to rip the wax from your skin, your skin can be irritated and even torn in delicate areas that are not designed to withstand the pressures of violent shearing motion.

Finally, even when you’ve finished your pussy waxing and are enjoying your freshly bare self, you can easily get in-grown hairs as your follicles re-grow and can accidentally push hair up that gets under the skin, causing a painful and unsightly bump on your pelvic area.

And that’s not all, waxing repeatedly might seem like an easy way to keep your pussy bare without a lot of fuss and activity, but it can also cause your pubic hair to fall out completely, which could be an annoyance if you ever decide to vary things up with a vagina Mohawk or heart-shaped pattern on your pelvis.

So if you’re dead set of having some boarder-line psychotic clinical waxing technician go to work on your most private of body parts, consider yourself forewarned- for the rest of us a personal shaver such as the Body Bare intimate shaver can do the job at a fraction of the price of regular bikini waxes and without all the pain and possible health risks.

Personal Shavers Give You an Intimate Shave

May 25th, 2008

If you want to make your pussy smooth to the touch, go get yourself a personal shaver from Body Bare and you’ll enjoy a personal sexual revolution that will thrill you and your love partner. Many of us have not have a bare vagina since we were little girls, and at that age there’s no reason to be excited by anything related to your privates other than the accomplishment of becoming potty trained. Assuming you’ve managed that much, you’re now at an age where you might have a sexually motivated desire to shave your pussy smooth.

I don’t know if it’s just due to the rise in popularity of porn- I know I sure have seen a lot more porn on my own time than even 5 years ago, and maybe seeing all those sexy pornstars with no hair around their pubic regions has made me a bit curious as to how this style would suit my sexual activities. I know that my new boyfriend has managed to make watching porn together a comfortable element of foreplay, and perhaps the knowledge that he appreciates a pussy smooth to the touch also gets me turned on as well, but either way, I’ve found that it is an exciting element of my sexuality that I think any woman can appreciate.

My road to ‘hairlessness’ was paved by the Internet and an exciting product I learned about called the “Body Bare” intimate shaver. It was specifically designed for the adult entertainment industry, so you know it has the power and effectiveness to take care of professionals who depend on having a presentable pussy when showing off their talents on screen. Since most electric shavers are designed primarily as facial hair trimmers, I was intrigued that someone had developed a product specifically for tending to your privates. I can say that after trying the Body Bare personal shaver for myself, it changed my attitude as a sexually empowered modern woman, and in some ways I felt as though I had attained the power of a pornstar- knowing I had something between my legs that all men desperately want.

Q: What is the Best Way to Remove Pussy

May 25th, 2008

A: When planning to remove your pussy hair, there are a number of effective pussy hair removal techniques available, and each one is specifically suited to a particular lifestyle and highly defined by personal preference. To start with, there are essentially five basic approaches to taming the mess between your legs, some more permanent than others, and each with it’s own degree of safety, comfort, and final product.

One of the most notorious procedures for pussy hair removal is the Brazilian bikini wax, which utilizes hot wax poured onto the skin and removed by placing a specialized rag on top of the treated area and then ripping the hair follicles out in a series of painful tearing motions. It’s basically like tearing off a band-aid affixed to your crotch over an over again, and the person whose doing it rarely feels any sympathy for their exposed patients. One drawback to the Brazilian technique is that if done repeatedly over a sustained period of time, it can cause your pussy hair to stop re-growing, so if you ever want to be able to grow out your pussy hair in the future, this technique is not for you.

Chemical applicants such as ‘Nair, can also provide an effective pussy hair removal product, but considering that these essentially kill your hair follicles, it is difficult to assess whether there is any other health considerations to be aware of, as operating with poisons near your vagina seems bit of a risk.

Electrolysis is another option for pussy hair removal, but takes a long time, and like waxing, can provide a more permanent solution than you may be looking for, which leaves us with shaving with razors and electric shavers.

Since razor blades are by their very nature dangerous and difficult to maneuver around the tricky shapes and angles of the pubic area, I would suggest using an electric razor if you’re attracted to this method of pussy hair removal. These handy devices are discreet, compact, and work incredibly effectively when partnered with a good trimming and generous application of baby powder. In terms of finished product, you can get yourself nearly as smooth as a Brazilian without enduring a painful procedure to achieve your hairless goals, while still having the ability to grow your hair back in the future for an updated pubic hairdo when you get bored with the standard bald pussy look.

Taming Your Pussy Bush

May 25th, 2008

If it’s been a while since you last trimmed or shaved your vagina, you probably have a serious pussy bush that needs immediate attention before the summer gets into full swing. Whether it’s just to keep cool, or to show off a new bikini, or simply to NOT scare away a new boyfriend, getting rid of excessive pubic hair is not only the new stylish personal grooming trend, it’s pretty much taken over as the status quo for young sexy women and men have come to accept a well maintained as standard fare.

Gone are the days when a full-grown pussy bush was in vogue, and despite connotations of being a pornstar, the reality is that many normal, working-class women have discovered the benefits of shaving their pubic areas and it’s not just about meeting society’s expectations. There are many personal benefits that directly impact women who shave down their pussy bush in a positive way: greater awareness and personal connection with your vagina, cooler and less sweaty ‘down there’ during those hot summer months, and heightened sensitivity during foreplay- leading to greater arousal and better sex. Of course, this doesn’t even mention the heaps of attention you’ll get from guys who notice your cleanly shaven area around your bikini line, and virtually froth at the mouth to get into your enticingly shorn panty area.

If you’ve still got a bit of a yard down below your beltline, you’ll want to do something about it immediately, and if you don’t have time, or the pain tolerance, to put up with a Brazilian waxing at your local beauty spa, then perhaps a personal shaver like the Body Bare could be the answer you’re looking for to address your overgrown pubic problems. Whichever method you choose, you’re 100% better off getting a handle on your vagina’s thick mane and you and your lovers will truly appreciate the time you put into shoring up your pubic region.

There’s a Time and a Place for Shaving

May 25th, 2008

Let’s face it girls, while it sometimes becomes too much of an inconvenience to regularly shave your pussy, bikini season is an event you must prepare for if you don’t want to be totally embarrassed at the first parties that coincide with hot weather. Kind of like spring-cleaning for your crotch, getting a waxing, a personal shaver, or an electrolysis kit should be mandatory for any woman who wants to seductively show off the pubic area around her pussy.

Bikini days are bound to occur as the summer heat approaches, and you never know when you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’re going to want to borrow a friend’s swim suit and go jump in the pool or go tanning on the beach. God forbid you find yourself unable to get out of a situation where you’re expected to don a revealing suit at a party with all your friends and all you can think about is the mess of pubic hair surrounding your pussy. Bikini dreams can quickly become nightmares when you find yourself caught in a hairy situation, and I admit that I have more than once lied about a prior commitment and abandoned a party altogether when it became obvious that bikini wearing was soon in order.

So when the ice starts to melt off the trees and the birds come out from their winter’s naps, I start getting excited about the newest techniques for quickly and conveniently ridding myself of the unfettered bush that has grown in my winter pants. As I re-enroll in the weekly aerobics class in my gym in anticipation of buying a few more bikinis to add to my collection, I secretly fantasize about clearing out the hair from my pussy; bikini dreaming keeps me motivated through each painful workout, but I know it’s worth it, ‘cause I love the beach, love the sun, and love wearing sexy bikinis that get all the guys hot and ready to party- with ME!

Go Online and Prepare Before You Shave That

May 25th, 2008

Before you just pick up some handy tools and try to shave your pussy bare with eyelash trimmers or your ex-boyfriend’s long forgotten beard trimmer, go online and learn about your option for getting rid of unwanted pubic hair.

Many people make the mistake of using tools that just weren’t designed to shave a pussy bare when they feel self-conscious about their pubic hair. Sometimes you just need a quick fix- like if your forgot to shave at the beginning of summer; a kind of personal ‘spring cleaning’ might be in order before you can put on a swimsuit and head to the beach with any kind of confidence. Sometimes you’ve got to go with what you’ve got on hand, and in those cases, maybe a side-burn trimmer is better than nothing.

But when you get serious about wanting to have a modern, sexy, well-manicured pubic area, you’re going to need to arm yourself with some equipment that is specifically designed to provide the power you need with engineering that delivers performance and comfort. Unless you’re so dedicated that you have time to see a clinical waxing technician, your best bet for a save, smooth pubic area is to get a shaver that was specifically designed to shave the pussy bare.

Enter the Body Bare; a personal shaver that was specifically created to help you get the closest shave possible for your pubic trimming needs, without forcing you to choose a potentially permanent solution such as what waxing and plucking can induce over time. And as if it needs to be said; don’t go near your genitals with chemicals that promise to kill off your hair follicles; you can risk it on your legs if you want to, but keep that stuff away from your reproductive organs.

If you need a place to start your online quest for personal shaving products, the experts at Body Bare can give you a full run-down on what elements to consider in an intimate shaver, and give you advice on which products meet their proven personal needs.

This Lady Shaver Makes ‘Special

May 25th, 2008

If it’s your 30-something odd anniversary, there’s probably not a lot you can come up with that can beat the exciting opportunities presented by giving your lover an advanced lady shaver that you both can enjoy together. I’m talking about a personal intimate shaver that is specifically designed to make trimming your pubic hair an easy, painless, even erotic experience, such as the Body Bare Lady Shaver.

With a powerful battery that delivers over 30 minutes of play/work time, this handy device gets as close as possible without touching the skin to deliver a shave that is soft and smooth as a baby’s behind, and the excitement that goes along with giving each other a passionate grooming is sure to get your sexual juices flowing.

What’s even more exciting that the vibrating sensation between your legs, is the end result of seeing each other in a bareness that you may have never been witness to before. It’s certainly one way to re-liven a relationship were you thought you’d seen everything you each had to offer before, and you might just find yourselves randy as college kids with your new fascination with each other’s privates.

Guys especially will get a huge ego boost just from the sight of your seemingly longer penis, as the bushes that surrounded the main tree are cleared away to expose the full length and girth of your tower of power. With a stronger and more sensitive erection, many men will feel even more enticed to lick up their woman’s pussy to get it ready for a real heavy pounding. With clean access to the pink meat, most guys are even willing to get over any previous hesitancy to go down on their ladies when they see her completely bare for the first time.

So if your marriage is stable but a bit stale in bed, I might suggest you pick up a reliable lady shaver for your next intimate romantic occasion, and trust me; it WILL liven up your sex life for a long time to come.

For a Close, Intimate Shave, Go for a

May 25th, 2008

Intimate shaving doesn’t mean shaving your chin while she shaves her legs by candle-light; an ‘intimate shave’ is in reference to shaving your ‘intimate’ areas, and is best tended to with specialized equipment. Would you try to clean your teeth with a foot-brush or cut your hair with office scissors? Of course not, so stop trying to cut your pubes with eyelash trimmers and facial razors when you know they are just going to cut, irritate, and leave a butchered product when you finally get with it and realize your going to need to get properly stocked up on intimate shaving equipment before you’re going to look like some sleek sexy stud from the latest porn flick you just downloaded.

If you don’t know where to start, head over to Body Bare and read up on what other people have used to successfully achieve and intimate shave. Recognize that there are a number of approaches and techniques that can result in a hairless crotch region, and some people prefer different techniques than others. As a guy, I would not suggest going the waxing route, as it offers no real solution for your testicles. Going around your testes with a razor blade is delicate business that pretty much guarantees you’re going to get a skinned sack, and plucking is really not a good idea (trust me).

If you really want to get a close, intimate shave, you’re going to want to pick out an electric shaver that has thin foils and a very tight screen. This will keep your skin from getting cut by providing a fine barrier between the blades and yourself while you’re getting used to intimate shaving. First you should cut down your pubes to stubble (go back and get your eyelash trimmers), and one you’ve got it down to a rough shrub, apply some baby powder to your naked areas, take out your personal shaver, and let the machine to the work for you. It will probably even arouse you, which makes intimate shaving a fun game for you AND a partner.

I’m Not Sure Which I Love More: My

May 25th, 2008

Ever since my boyfriend bought me an intimate area shaver, I’ve been so excited by using it, as well as the results, that I almost feel like I’m betraying my vibrator.

See, my vibe and me go way back to college, during my junior year when I was finally living in my own room. I actually found it kind of lonely to have given up the constant company of having roommates, but was still happy to finally have some much needed privacy for myself. As an only child I had actually played with myself at quite a young age, and since coming to college had fantasized about buying a vibrator to play with myself and experience what I’d before only heard in rumors and TV shows. I must say that the anticipation was well satiated when I finally got my hands on my vibe, and I developed an almost dependant connection with my toy, as I used it to get over more than a few bad relationships over the last few years in school.

But something else started to intrigue me as well, I guess the thought of buying an intimate shaver first entered my mind when I saw a few of the girls in the showers that were obviously doing something to maintain they ‘hair down there’; whether it was from using an intimate area shaver or waxing, they were definitely showing something that excited me.

I thought about waxing, but as a relatively private girl, I didn’t really feel comfortable having a ‘procedure’ done at a ‘clinic’; I guess it just sounded so ‘hospital’ and I felt like finding a suitable intimate shaver sounded more appealing. When I went online and saw what was available, I was pleased to find that there were a few options that seemed to satisfy my needs, and so I ordered the Body Bare Intimate Shaver and from there had a new trim almost as soon as there was anytime to shave down. Now I almost feel guilty for leaving my vibe out of the action, only to use it when I’m anxiously waiting for my trimmed hairs to grow back just enough to create a new pattern or shape in my bush, but then again, with a shorn pussy, I just love feeling the cool silicone of my vibe dancing rhythmically on my bare clit.

Pornstars Know How to Shave a Pussy Right

May 25th, 2008

Everyone in the adult film industry knows the real secrets on how to shave a pussy. If you’ve ever wondered about how those pornstars know how to shave a pussy so well; often with intricate pubic ‘hairdos’ that accentuate their status as an object of unparalleled sexual desire, you’ll just need to visit Body Bare to get an inside look at the tools of the trade utilized by starlets and adult industry veterans alike to tend their bushes into nicely trimmed hedges.

As a pornstar, you have to know how to shave your pussy due to the fact that the adult consumer market has demanded shorn crotch areas ever since the early 90’s when the bush went out the backdoor along with ‘no penetration’ porn. With new camera techniques that get right into the action, and more relaxed obscenity laws, the POV demanded by the consumer put an emphasis on the genitals of pornstars in an unprecedented fashion, particularly for female actresses; whose poses and camera positioning typically show the spread legs of the female with penetration obscuring the male pubic area. In order to create greater fan recognition by distinguishing themselves from the crowd, forward thinking pornstars who knew how to shave a pussy, began trimming and waxing their pubes into clever patterns, hearts, and other innovative styles that tended to catch a viewers attention and set a standard for how to shave your pussy if you wanted to survive in the adult industry.

I’m sure there’s also a part of being a pornstar that feels a sense of empowerment by utilizing your ability to craft a design into your pubic area to express your individuality. In a profession where one might feel little control over who or what is put into their vaginas, knowing how to shave your pussy can give you a sense of control over at least one element of your most private of body parts.

So if you really want to know how to shave your pussy, go online and check out this website, it has everything you need to know and everything you need buy to know how to shave your pussy.

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Shave Down to

May 25th, 2008

Guys, admit it- there’s nothing hotter than a hairless pussy, and though you’d never confront your girlfriend head on about this subject, you’d be willing to do almost anything else within your power to have this wish granted for your mutual enjoyment. Asides the allure of relating your own girlfriend to those amazing bodies you’ve only previously witnessed in swimsuit magazines and porn films, a hairless pussy provides a number of other tangible benefits that will have you so turned on you’ll need to call a timeout before you even get started.

Of course, the obvious benefits are that it makes it a generally more pleasurable experience for you to eat your girlfriend out, and most guys’ first reaction to a hairless pussy is to dive head first into a ravenous display of pussy munching action. Without a sweaty clump of pubic hair blocking the view, the pussy all of a sudden becomes a tasty treat that beacons for oral attention.

But even that might not be enough to persuade your girl to willingly trim her bush, and her resistance may hinge on your ability to convince her that there is a delicate, feminine, and most importantly; painless technique that can get you BOTH bare as a baby’s butt with a device that will surely bring you closer together in more ways than one.

First, go online and order yourself a Body Bare intimate shaver; trust me, it’s the best $60 you’ll ever spend in your life. You can pick up handy shaving accessories as well, in case you don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to run out and pick up some baby powder (recommended prior to shaving). Next time you’re having a boring evening at home with your girl, take out the Body Bare and tell her you want to shave yourself ‘down there’, and thought it would be cool if you did it together. I think you can fill in the rest on your own, but if this trick doesn’t work, at least you can give yourself a cool new pubic hairdo.

The Body Bare is the First and Last Female

May 25th, 2008

When I was growing up, my mom never told me or advised me on how or why a woman should keep a quality female shaver handy in her bag of toiletries. I’m not sure how other girls learn about female shavers or female shaving in general, as I never had any older sisters to show me where to start in terms of tending to my personal body hair issues.

I guess that as a pre-teen, I became somewhat aware of the fact that as a girl I would be expected to shave my legs, and upon talking it over with my mother, she went out and bought be a cute pink wet razor for my legs, and until High School I thought my female shaving needs were pretty much taken care of. It wasn’t until I went to a pool party during the summer before my freshman year that I learned that I was in need of a more advanced female shaver if I was going to fit in with the cool and sexy crowd. Thank god it wasn’t me who was first spotted with pubic hair that was unsettlingly migrating out from the tuck of my bikini line, but as soon as I heard the boys chuckling at my friend for being a “true blond”, I hurriedly dawned my shorts and t-shirts and declared the water too cold for swimming.

I tried to address my own pubic mess with the leg shaver my mom had bought me years earlier, but quickly discovered that this was more of a mess than a solution, and after nicking myself once, decided to trim down what I had to stubble and go find a more tenable solution.

So I went out and looked up “Female Shaving” on the Internet and found a cute product that seemed dependable and was even specifically made for female shavers like myself. I bought the Body Bare intimate shaver, and have been thrilled with the results…and so has my new boyfriend. We still haven’t had sex, but we’ve done ‘everything but set’, and he thinks it’s really wild to have a girlfriend who takes such good care of her feminine hygiene.

Save Energy this Summer by Shaving Your Body

May 25th, 2008

As the summer’s imminent heat approaches, many of us are tempted with the idea of shaving our body bare to decrease our natural insulation (hair), and give us the sexy appearance that only a fully shorn body can offer.

Let’s face it, sweat is hot sticky stuff, and your curly pubic and body hair was designed by nature to retain sweat against your body, which gets stinky and smelly in addition to overheating your body. Simply removing all the hair from your body is a great way to ‘air-out’ and stay cool in the hot summer months, and if you’re going to do this regularly, you’d better invest in a personal shaving product such as the Body Bare Shaver.

Designed specifically for intimate shaving, Body Bare shavers feature a more compact cutting foil that cuts close to the skin without touching or harming the surface cuticles. The Body Bare shaver also has a finer screen that allows the stubble of your hair to be exposed to the blades of the foils, without actually letting your skin come into contact with the Body Bare Shaver’s cutting surfaces.

Another great feature of the Body Bare intimate shaving product is that it could potentially pay for itself in just a summer’s worth of energy savings: I bet if you calculate the costs of running your AC for the additional time you’d need to stay cool this summer and compared this to the cooling factor of shaving yourself with Body Bare Shavers, you’d find that you pay off the $59 pricetag for the shaver in just a few months of not having to run the air conditioner all the time. It’s also a lot cooler to share this new gadget with your summer fling than say, a kiddie pool where you could otherwise cool off in the sun.

If you want to look really hot this summer, but down want to be cooking yourself in your shorts, get a Body Bare shaver and enjoy a cool sexy summer.

If You’re Planning to Wear a Swimsuit this

May 25th, 2008

If you don’t want to be the laughing stock of your friend’s pool party this summer, equip yourself with a sturdy bikini shaver that can tame the winter coat you’ve grown down between your legs this winter. The reality is, that even though everyone has pubic hair, women are expected to be hairless embodiments of feminine sexuality; especially as the hot days of summer coax us all to beach and poolside events with our friends.

Bikini shavers used to be nothing more than a men’s face shaver repurposed to take care of a woman’s needs for trimming down pubic hair. As bikini shaving became more popular and mainstream photographs of highly revealing bikinis became standard fare in non-pornographic images, the stigma associated with a woman tending to her private areas with a bikini shaver switched from an obvious mark of whoredom to the status quo for all well-mannered and groomed women. Bikini shaving is essentially a given at this point, and is no more expected that wearing deodorant, underwear, or makeup.

My favorite bikini shaver is the Body Bare personal shaver, as it is discreet, effective, and reasonably priced. But what I like most about this product compared to other bikini shavers, is that it was specifically designed for tending to sensitive areas where delicate skin can be chaffed or cut by over-aggressive shavers not intended for bikini shaving. The tighter foils and finer screen keep your skin safe, while providing a sexy smooth trim suitable for any bikini line. You can even stock up on shaving essentials such as baby poweder, an applicator brush , and solvents to keep those nasty ingrown hairs from pocking your pelvic area with unsightly red spots.

With a nicely shorn personal area, you’ll feel comfortable in any bathing suit this summer, and you’ll even be prepared for a little skinny dipping if the opportunity arises.

This Summer, When Preparing Your Body for

May 11th, 2008

It’s getting hotter outside, and visions of trips to the beach and lounging by the pool make you want to get ready to wear your sexiest new bikini: bare pelvic areas, a slimmer body, and good tan will make you feel sexy and confident all summer long.

Why do I mention managing your pubic hair before you slip into a tiny bikini? Bare skin is sexy, and hair down there is not only gross, but will leave your friends making fun of you for not ‘tucking in’ if you’ve got what looks like Don King giving you head coming out from your bikini line.

Let’s face it, you’ve been indoors for almost 5 months waiting for the air to warm up and putting on some added weight; the weight might take some serious exercise to trim off those extra pounds, but all it takes to shed your unwanted pubes is a personal shaver that won’t chop you up like you’ve been humping a cheese grater. On top of this when you do shave off you’re upper lever pubes, you’ll find it irresistibly tempting to go for total bikini-bare-ness and do the whole thing.

Once you see your body with no hair in your personal area, I guarantee you you’ll be motivated to get into the gym and start working off those pounds. Within a few weeks of hitting the gym, your body will be looking good, and you’ll be ready for another ‘trim’. This time you can shave it some kind of sexy shape into your pelvis, making for a special surprise for any lucky summer lovers your new you might attract. And with the confidence of knowing that you’re free from having to worry about tucking any flyaways, you’ll be all set for prince charming to carry you off into the late sunset.

Is Face-fucking a Bald Chick Like Fucking

May 11th, 2008

A buddy once proposed the question,”Is face fucking a bald chick like fucking bald pussy?”
At first I was shocked by the question itself- I know this may sound a bit off the wall, but it came up in the locker room of my gym after a game of basketball and I must admit it almost floored me.

Those standing around either looked in total disbelief or started laughing hysterically at my friends off-color remark, and then a rather interested, or perhaps just odd, discussion actually followed.

My question was whether we were talking about legally aged pussy or if this was a totally inappropriate conversation from the start, which I do understand is a bit weird in and of itself. Once it was clarified that we were talking about a woman’s trimmed or shaved bald pussy, and not some pedophile’s fantasy, I then felt obliged to clarify exactly how you might get oral sex from a bald chick- as the only ones I know are dykes and cancer patients: neither of which makes sense or is at all tasteful. Of course, we’re already on the topic of comparing bald pussy and face fucking, so I guess trying to rationalize any of this at this point is pretty useless.

One observer offered this comment: “I think the only similarity is that whoever you’re talking about who has a bald pussy and a bald cunt certainly knows a thing about shaving, or otherwise was born completely hairless.” I hadn’t even thought about whether these feats could be accomplished with just one woman, and the image of a bald chick with a hairless pussy sat in odd contrast to the naked men standing around me having this absurd conversation.

All I could offer was, “At least you won’t get pubic lice from either,” and tidied up my stuff and walked out of the room. As I headed out of the gym I passed by a girl that had intentionally short hair, not entirely bald, but enough to make me wonder what was under her gym shorts.

A Few Reasons I’m a Brazilian Waxing Pussy

May 11th, 2008

While the rest of my friends in the adult film industry are dedicated waxers, there are many reasons why I’m a Brazilian waxing pussy (averse) and fear this procedure more than getting a molar pulled at the dentist’s office. Here are a few quips I have about the Brazilian:

  • Look, it fucking hurts: yeah, like pouring hot wax on my bare skin and ripping it off won’t hurt; it’s more like pulling off a giant band-aid over and over than any kind of normal beauty procedure. I swear the women that administer this hair removal treatment
  • Ingrown hairs and possible follicle infections make a Brazilian look like a bad case of herpes if not administered or attended to properly. Let’s face it, there aren’t too many porn consumers out there that like seeing red splotchy bumps on the private parts of their favorite starlets; if you wanna last in this industry, you’ve gotta be the perfect mixture of purity and sluttiness.
  • I’m just a bit embarrassed to spread my legs and have hair removed by a total stranger when it comes to going to a clinic for a Brazilian waxing
  • Pussy hair removal techniques such as shaving and plucking are something I can do by myself and makes me feel more intimate with my pussy: I know I work in the porn industry and have more than enough time to delve on my own private parts, but that only makes it more essential to have some valuable alone time with my pussy to keep in touch with my sense of self.
  • Brazilian waxing makes me feel too detached from my privates: as guys are lined up daily to stick their cocks in my cunt, it often becomes easy to start thinking of your pussy as your employee rather than your friend. Intimate shaving, which is my personal favorite, gives me time to spend tending and caring for my vagina in a way that makes me feel empowered as a woman in the sex industry.

Compare Personal Hair Trimmers Online For

May 11th, 2008

Buying a personal hair trimmer can make you feel fresher, improve your self image, and more make you more sexually confident. Let’s face it, especially during the summer, when you spend all day walking around, sitting, sweating, and generally moving through your busy day, your crotch area can get rather stinky and let’s say: odiferous. A large part of that stinky sweat is actually sponged in by your pubic hairs, and all it takes is a handy pair of personal hair trimmers to set you feeling a bit cooler this summer, while adding some nice additional benefits as well.

Let’s say you’re walking through the mall on a hot summer’s day and happen to meet a sexy girl shopping in the same store as you. She asks you for some advice on a tie she’s picking out for her father, and you start chatting, she asks if you’d like to join you for coffee, and oblige, realizing this chick might just be looking to fast-track this relationship into the bedroom of either of your nearest residents. Just then, you tighten up your belt and catch a potent whiff of ball-sweat pass up under your shirt right to your nose, and realize that you’d in desperate need of a shower before you feel confident enough to bump uglies with this total stranger. Insecure, you ask for her phone number and conclude the date after coffee, hoping you can set things straight for a follow up date.

You go home and look up ‘Personal Hair Trimmers’ on the Internet and find the exclusive Body Bare hair trimmers and for just $59 order a pair of the clippers along with some essential accessories, determined not be foiled by such careless attention to your privates again, and still with a chance at saving your most recent blow opportunity.

Luckily, she takes your call, and you end up with a second chance- this time, positive and eager to show her your sexy shaven rod, which you notice looks a bit bigger as the only tree in the forest: how’s that for a confidence booster.

Every Amateur Porn Set Needs an On-Staff

May 11th, 2008

When it comes to amateur porn, let’s just say the girls aren’t always up to the clean, shaved, or at least shorn standard of the typical adult porn consumer, as pussy trimming is not necessarily the top priority for every coed between the ages of 18 and 40. Although pubic maintenance has become somewhat more mainstream with the increased acceptance of porn as a fact of life that’s come along with the Internet, pussy trimming is still not something to be approached lightly, especially when you’re paying someone to perform sexual acts and are in a position where you need to convince your rising starlets that they need to do something about the ‘hair down there’.

In fact, as amateur porn producers delve in the niche of reality porn; where girls are often approached right off the street (on camera), propositioned to appear in a porn flick for a couple hundred dollars, and the used like a cum dumpster before being sent on their way home (all after filling out the necessary 2257 documentation off-screen, no doubt); there is a real chance that a girl could sue for worker’s compensation if she endured even the slightest injury to her genitals while shaving her pussy for a role. Since many of these instant tricks are not quite prepared to be filmed in a sex scene, there’s often a brief touch-up period prior to the shoot where the girls are done up a bit; including a quick pussy trimming.

Producers should be careful when it comes to how this is handled, as using a dangerous method could expose both his starlet’s and his budget to financial turmoil, especially if the girl is banking on doing more films for cash (who wants to hire a cut up pussy for a porn movie?).

I’d suggest the Body Bare intimate shaver, as it’s micro-film sieve and ultra-thin foils make trimming hair from even the most delicate skin a breeze.

Nothing Revives His Interest Like a Night of

May 11th, 2008

Intimate shaving is one of my favorite activities, and it’s not just because it once saved my marriage. My husband and I had been married for about five years, and were to the point where we were literally having sex about twice a year; once on his birthday and on our anniversary. It’s not that we didn’t love each other, but the stress of daily work and responsibilities of taking care of the house and both trying to juggle heavy professional careers made it nearly impossible to muster up the energy for sex during the little time we spent together.

Even when we did spend time together, our bodies had become so familiar with each other that it was hardly exciting for each other to glimpse each other naked, and it was almost pathetic to look at each other’s slightly aging bodies that no longer had the taught skin and slender physique we shared in college; in fact, it was if neither of us even felt the urge to be intimate.

Shaving then came to the rescue. I can’t remember if it was on ‘Sex and the City’ or some other girly life drama-comedy show, but there was an episode on the girls using intimate shavers and sharing their experiences with each other. Just the thought of actually browsing for intimate shavers intrigued me in a way I had not remembered feeling in a sexual way for years.

Not really knowing where to start when it came to intimate shaving, I went to the Internet and found Body Bare, where they had a perfect solution to my curiosity: the Body Bare personal area shaver that looked like a cute little bottle of shaving gel, but was actually a highly advanced dry electric razor specifically designed for intimate shaving.

That night when my husband came home, I simply called him innocuously into the bedroom and lay on the bed with my legs folded over one another until he entered the room, and then lifted my top leg up to expose my finely trimmed vagina. Let’s just say he’s been humping me like a teenage boy for the past three months, and the added enthusiasm had gotten us back in the gym- which makes him look a bit sexier to (as well as his nicely trimmed ‘area’).

If You’re Considering Options to Remove

May 11th, 2008

Making the decision to remove pubic hair might be a spur of the moment decision, or maybe it’s something you’ve been considering for some time now; either way, knowing your options BEFORE you jump into taking it all off can save you from some painful elements of the learning process, such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, and stinging razor burns that can become infected or worse.

To remove pubic hair, you basically have four options: plucking, waxing, shaving with a blade, or trimming with an electric razor. Plucking is basically either with tweezers, which can be electrified to reduce the pain of plucking them out one by one, but is generally a permanent solution, as it rips the follicle out from the skin, which can easily become infected and is both tedious and time consuming.

Waxing is another means to remove pubic hair by simply ripping out the hair, but the quick process can be done in a series of ‘rips’ that take out larger patches of hair in a single pull. One disadvantage of waxing is that it is messy and quite painful, and you’re usually better off having this done at a professional studio: which is both a hassle to fit into a busy schedule, expensive, and a bit embarrassing.

Shaving with a blade is probably the worst option, as your privates are actually quite difficult to access with a flat blade, and sharp edges are only one part of the blade that can hurt you. Especially for men, scraping the hair off your scrotum is almost impossible with a straight razor.

Electric trimmers, on the other hand, can give you a close personal shave without cutting your skin or requiring your to endure painful hazing rituals. With electric razors like the Body Bare personal razor, you can get a discreet personal shave that is safe, reliable, comfortable, and most importantly; irresistibly sexy.

If You’re Searching for Pubic Shavers,

May 11th, 2008

Pubic shavers are not always specifically designed for ‘personal’ trimming, so it’s important to asses the features on comparable models before you invest in a product that will ultimately be grazing the most sensitive of your body parts. Let’s face it, your sexual organs are arguably the most ‘vital’ of all organs, as you use these to procreate, among other fun, exciting, and even necessary activities. But seriously, how much attention do you really pay to maintaining or keeping your family jewels in tact? Do you trim just down to the stubble with a pair of scissors, or simply opt for the painfully quick, and semi-permanent waxing? Or do you go all the way and buy a specialty facial hair trimmer and try to maneuver it delicately around you blind spot “where the sun don’t shine?
Well, now you can stop trying to compare facially minded dry-shave products and open your eyes to a world-class product that was designed specifically for cutting coarse, curly hair without cutting into your stretchy sensitive skin. The Body Bare personal shaver is one of the few specialty pubic shavers with its own exclusive line of shaving accessories that will give you a closer shave and a smoother finished application than even a straight razor, without all the pain of a Brazilian bikini wax or uncomfortable razor burn you get from razors that were really designed to tackle a mans beard.

When you look at the features of other body shavers, you can see that the screen and the shaving foils are thinner, to keep the skin from getting cut by the razor sharp foils while its teeth slice through your untidy pubic hair without actually nicking your skin. The 400ma battery runs for about a half an hour, which is plenty of time to take care of yourself and a friend. And to get the closest, most comfortable shave possible, stock up on all your pubic hair trimming accessories from Body Bare.

Porn Stars Know a Thing or Two About Pubic

May 11th, 2008

If you are curious and want to know a little something about pubic hair trimming, just go to the experts: pornstars. Pornstars have a demanding audience that just doesn’t appreciate a full bush, although there are certain niche markets that might demand these hairy beavers in reaction to the ubiquitous appearance of pubic-free crotches in the adult media industry.

While the ‘Brazilian wax’ may sound like the obvious solution for a long-term dedication to having trim and proper love bits, there is the ultimate disadvantage to this technique as it can eventually lead to a total recession of the hair follicles, which means you can’t do creative designs in your pubes with pubic area stencils to give your appearance a fresh look for each new production. And forget about razors, they leave nicks, razor burn, and ingrown hairs that can make your set of junk look like an infested crotch of suspicion.

Pubic hair trimming has become somewhat of a fashion in the adult industry, with title roles often referred to as, “Oh yeah, she was really good in that movie- that’s the one where she had a heart shaved into her pussy, wasn’t it amazing the way she worked that guy’s tool?” In fact, some pornstars have trademark pubic hair designs that make forgetting the area between their thrusting hips truly unforgettable.

So if you want to know what the pornstars use to keep their ‘tools of the trade’ trim and proper without risking their careers with razors that aren’t specifically designed to tend to a person’s tender areas, check out the Body Bare. They can offer a complete product line of personal shaving products designed for the pros with pubic hair trimming in mind. From Baby Powder to application brushes, pubic area stencils, and of course, the brand new ‘Body Bare’ personal shaver, they’ve got everything the pros use to keep their famous genitals in the show.